baryons-logo.png Baryons 2016
International Conference on the Structure of Baryons
May 16 - 20, 2016


The final conference program is available.

Invited Plenary Speakers

John Arrington     Elastic Form Factors and the Proton Radius

Volker Burkert    Baryon Spectroscopy and Structure - An Outlook

Eugene Chudakov    Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy at GlueX

Abhay Deshpande   Nucleon Spin & Partonic Dynamics with the Future EIC

Michael Döring   Status and Future of PWA in Baryon Spectroscopy

Hans Günter Dosch   Baryon Properties from Light Front Holographic QCD

Haiyan Gao   Nucleon Tomography in Momentum Space: TMDs

Donald Geesaman   Hadronic Physics in the U.S. Long Range Plan

Albrecht Gillitzer   Spectroscopy of Strange Baryons

Ralf Gothe   Electroproduction of Nucleon Resonances

Jan Hartmann   Baryon Spectroscopy in Photonuclear Reactions

Derek Leinweber   The Spectrum and Structure of Baryon Excitations from Lattice QCD

Cedric Lorcé   News on the Nucleon Spin Structure

Matthias Lutz   Baryon Resonances in QCD and the Chiral Lagrangian Approach

Bryan McKinnon   Photoproduction of Hyperons with Linearly-Polarised Photons at CLAS

Stefan Meinel   Heavy Baryons on the Lattice

Sebastian Neubert   Spectroscopy of Exotic Baryons at LHCb

Eulogio Oset   The Λ(1405) and New Non-Ordinary Baryons

Jean-Marc Richard   Review of Exotic Baryons and Pentaquarks

Craig Roberts   Perspectives on Baryons: from the inside out

Patrick Spradlin   Baryon Spectroscopy at LHCb

Xiaochao Zheng   The PVDIS Program at JLab: Results from 6 GeV and the SoLID Project

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International Conference on the Structure of Baryons
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