baryons-logo.png Baryons 2016
International Conference on the Structure of Baryons
May 16 - 20, 2016


All conference participants are requested to familiarize themselves with visa requirements well in advance of the conference. The following are some useful sources on visa requirements:  

National Academies International Visitors Office:    

Visa Information From U.S. Department of State:           

The majority of the participants will be able to use the "Visa Waiver Program." Details on this can be found at, including a listing of the (38) countries that currently participate in the VWP.

Please note: Effective January 9, 2009, foreign travelers to the U.S. intending to use the VWP will be unable to enter the U.S. unless they have been "pre-authorized" by the new online "Electronic System for Travel Authorization" (ESTA). Please visit for information about the system. Travelers may log into ESTA as far in advance of their travel as possible but it is recommended no less than 72 hours before departure.

For those who cannot use the "Visa Waiver Program" and will need a visa, we provide a Baryons 2016 Invitation Letter on request.  If you need such a letter, please send request to:

Please include the following info in your request email: full name, date of birth, citizenship, country of birth, and e-mail address.

If the invitation letter is not received by e-mail within a few days after the request, or if a hard-copy via regular mail is preferred, please contact the conference organizers (Subject: Invitation Letter for Visa Application) and this will be arranged (please note that printing out the version received by e-mail should be much faster than waiting for a hardcopy with regular mail, though).

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International Conference on the Structure of Baryons
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